The P3 Health Revolution


Are you ready to join the health revolution? Peak Performance & Prevention is leading the charge to bring functional healthcare to the Pacific Northwest. Our revolution encompasses:

  • Advanced lab testing with follow-up testing to monitor progress
  • Body composition screening 
  • Ample time with one of our Functional Medicine Clinicians
  • A personalized plan of action
  • Support and accountability with our Health Coaches
  • Access to discounted services like stem cells, prolozone, botox, etc. 

Our health revolution is a 6 step process that lasts at least one year.

It’s about time people had access to comprehensive care! Not only do we focus on prevention, but we are here for acute care. Do you need care for a possible sinus infection or laceration? All you need to do as a member is call our office to set up your appointment. 

We are here to support you in becoming the best version of yourself. Often that means change is needed from you. Here is what P3 expects of its member:

  1. Commitment to the plan established together with your P3 Team
  2. Honesty with yourself and P3 regarding your readiness for change
  3. Feedback on what is working well and what needs to be modified in your plan

At P3 we consider you a teammate. There is a monthly fee with a year commitment to your care. At the end of the year you decide if you want to continue receiving care at P3. We think you will!

Check out our provider’s bios and see our membership enrollment process.

Here’s to empowered medicine! 

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