What is included with my membership?

• Provider visit(s):  

o Three comprehensive visits to include: annual physical exam with a detailed history, a comprehensive lab review, EKG, and body composition.
o Two additional one-hour visits that can be used as lab interpretations or acute visits as needed.

• Health Coaching
• Access to our private online supplement dispensary
• In-office blood draws  
• Referrals to outside specialists or diagnostics
• Body Compositions with InBody Scan
• Convenient online payment and invoicing


What is the P3 enrollment fee? 

$175.00 and includes:

• Your guaranteed spot in our membership panel in the event of a waiting period
• A one-hour intake with a P3 Functional Medicine Health Coach, including:

o Body Composition using InBody Scan

o Vitals to include: Blood pressure, pulse, oxygen level, temperature, weight, BMI, and waist circumference
o Blood draw for baseline panel

o Initial recommendations such as a 10-day or 30-day detoxification program, if deemed necessary by P3 Health Coach


What is NOT included in the monthly P3 membership? 

o Many lab tests are covered fully or partially by your health insurance plan; however, some may not be covered, or may require a co-pay. The out of pocket expense from most labs averages between $0 - $3,000, depending upon co-pays and deductibles. It is impossible for us to know what your plan covers. This is why we provide the lab included in your membership in Membership 02 and Primer 02. 

• The cost of laboratory tests. 

• Healthcare services other than those specified above,   whether provided by P3 or others.

o  Services provided other than by P3, such as emergency and specialist care, will be billed to you or your insurance plan by those providers. 

• P3 is not a 24/7 emergency service
• Outside services, medical or otherwise, recommended by P3
• Medications whether prescribed or over-the-counter
• Supplements
• Biometric testing devices (i.e. Oura Ring, Garmin, Fitbit, or   glucose monitors) 


What does unlimited email/text contact mean?

Every patient has questions about their care at some point, so we offer unprecedented access to your provider and the P3 team (via email/text), so you can get quick answers to your questions (allowing 48-business-hours for a response). If an email or text question or request is deemed by the P3 provider to be too complicated or involved for a response via email they may require a phone, telemedicine or in person visit instead of responding via email.


What if I have an emergency?

We are not an emergency or urgent care center. If you require urgent care, you should immediately call 911 or contact an emergency care provider such as a local hospital or emergency room. The costs associated with emergency care services are not covered by your P3 membership.


Is testing included in my membership fee?

This depends on the plan you select. In Membership 01 the answer is No. In this option your labs are billed to your insurance carrier. And you will be responsible for paying whatever your carrier refuses to pay. The average bill is broad and could be as high as $3,000.

Because of the rising deductibles and the difficulty of navigating what your anticipated out of pocket expenses, (a huge problem in the commercial insurance/conventional model) we have negotiated discounted lab fees. This expense can be dispersed through the year by selecting the Membership 02 option.  Or you can pay cash for labs "as you go". The initial baseline panel is $400 and the follow up panels are $300. 

This is the most daunting insecurity most face when choosing to join a Functional Medicine model - the price of labs. We have worked hard to take away the mystery by negotiating these fees with our partner labs.  


How long am I obligated to be a P3 member? 

P3 membership is initially a 12-month commitment. The membership is continuous and converts to month-to-month upon fulfillment of the first 12-month period.


Why am I billed monthly if I don’t have an appointment every month? 

The cost of your visits and services is amortized throughout the year and billed monthly. Your membership services extend beyond your in-office visits, including access and support via phone, text, and e-mail from the P3 team and your clinician; as well as visits with P3’s health coaches, when prescribed.


Does P3’s approach to medicine really work?

o We have found that the combination of evidence-based medicine and an empowering approach passes ownership of a patient’s health back to them – the best steward. And it works. Our data shows members get past chronic illnesses, insomnia, metabolic abnormalities, gut dysbiosis, hormone imbalances, genetic polymorphisms, heart disease, and autoimmunity; all while reducing the need for expensive specialists.

• Absolutely.

• Our success is solely dependent upon clear communication and your dedication to growth in this process.

o If you ever feel overwhelmed, know that you are not alone and that this work is our joy. You will always be able to reach out and ask for help. 


What are THE additional services offered at P3?

• Hormone pellet placement and insertion
• Dysport / Botox

• Cosmetic fillers

• In-office injections (B12, Zofran, Kenalog, Vitamin D, Power Shot, Toradol, Rocephin)

• Additional acute visits

• Watch Pat Home Sleep Study

• C-IMT 







Does P3 offer one-time consultations?

• Yes, however membership is core to our philosophy. Because our functional medicine membership costs about what one visit costs at comparable practices, we strongly encourage continuous care plans. Our mission is to help you see results. Results that last take time. We believe you deserve access to a meaningful amount of care and the opportunity to work with our team over time at an affordable price.
• P3 does offer a one-time 75-minute consultation and evaluation for $400.00 + the intake fee, billed one time. This comprehensive visit will include a detailed history and physical exam, lab review, body composition, EKG, and individualized treatment plan with nutritional recommendations. Because this visit is a one-time consultation, P3 providers will not prescribe medications.
• You may schedule a one-time consultation and convert into membership after your consultation.


Can P3 be my primary care provider?

• We are not a conventional primary care provider, however, for many of our members we take the place of their PCP. Because you can call or text us during business hours, we are often able to take care of acute requests.

• P3 will refer out for all screening and/or preventative exams, such as colonoscopies, mammograms, DEXA scans, etc. Cervical cancer screenings are performed in office.


Does P3 have sub-specialists?

We are not a sub-specialist, however if you need to see an OBGYN, surgeon, ENT or  cardiologist, for example, you will be referred appropriately. The costs associated with the services provided by specialists or any other healthcare provider outside of P3 are not covered by your P3 membership.



What is Health Coaching at P3 like? 

Coaching is included in your P3 membership. We want you to have the support and tools needed to achieve your wellness goals. Our Health Coaches will work with you to build a plan for developing sustainable healthy behaviors and strategies. This is done by creating realistic goals, working together to formulate small actionable steps, and providing accountability through in-person, phone, or text communication. 


What is Genetic Health Coaching?

Genetic Health Coaching uses the raw data from your 23andMe or Ancestry genetic report in our program to give you current evidence-based information on what lifestyle interventions you can implement to ensure healthy genetic expression. The data you receive from 23andMe or Ancestry is not in a readable form, so to you it won’t make any practical sense. That’s where we come in to help you translate this raw data into information that allows us to work with your genes to create optimal health. Your genes aren’t your destiny. You have a lot of influence on how your genes express themselves.


Why would I want to get a genetic test and work with a P3 Health Coach?

There are some very helpful key genetic markers that make optimizing your health possible. This information can also help unravel difficult health issues and allow your practitioner to formulate a very personalized plan specific to your genetic makeup and unique biology. Our Health Coaches will help you understand what lifestyle interventions you need to implement in order to help your genes properly express for optimal health. Change isn’t easy and your Health Coach can give you great tips and guidance, so you feel confident as you implement these changes. Your provider will also know what labs to run based on your specific genetic report in order to see how your genes are behaving.


How do I schedule a genetic coaching session?

First you need to purchase either the 23andMe genetic kit or the kit from Ancestry. A kit will be mailed to your home, follow the instructions on how to get a sample and ship the sample to the respective company. Once your results are available you will get an email with instructions on how to get your raw data. Once you have the email that your results are back, contact the P3 office to schedule a 90-minute appointment with our Genetic Health Coach. You will receive instructions how to upload your raw data to our P3 program, so that when you come for your coaching session your coach has access to the report. 


How much does a genetic coaching session cost?

• For a 90-minute session the member cost is $175.
• For a 90-minute session the non-member cost is $250.



Is P3 covered by insurance?

We do not accept any form of insurance at P3; however, you may submit your receipts to insurance and your policy may cover "out of network" services according to their rules.


Can I use my FSA/ HSA? 

Yes, you can use FSA/HSA for your visits at P3. You will, however, be responsible for any charges that may be denied or rejected by your HSA plan. P3 will not write letters for medical necessity. 


What do I need to know about lab testing? 

• Most lab tests ordered by your P3 clinician will be billed directly to your insurance by the lab. Some lab tests we offer as part of our functional medicine testing program may not be covered by insurance and in these cases, you will be charged a fee for the test by the lab.

• All specimen collection is included in membership.


What if I receive a bill that I’m not expecting?

If you ever receive a bill in the mail from a lab that you weren’t expecting, please contact the P3 manager and we will work with you to get it addressed. In other cases what you have received is not in fact a bill, but your insurance company denying payment of a bill. Actual bills come from the lab not the insurance company. If you ever are uncertain about a bill, let us know right away and we can help problem solve with you.


What if I receive a check from my insurance company?

• It has come to our attention that some patients are receiving check payments from their insurance company for their laboratory testing. Sometimes insurance companies send payments directly to patients instead of the laboratory that performs the services. This happens at times when the laboratory is out-of-network with the insurance company.

 • If you ever receive a check from your insurance company for laboratory testing, PLEASE follow the following steps:
 1. If your insurance company sends a check directly to you as payment for True Health or Salveo Diagnostic lab testing, you may either:
 a. Sign and write “Pay to the order of" Salveo Diagnostics on the back of the check and send to the address below, or b. Make a payment to Salveo Diagnostics for the amount you received from the insurance company and include a copy of your explanation of benefits that you receive.

 2. All checks received as a result of a Salveo Diagnostics insurance claim should be sent to: Salveo Diagnostics Attn: Billing 8751 Park Central Drive Suite 200 Richmond, VA 23227 Phone: 844-725-8365

 *Please contact P3 if you receive a check as a result of a claim from any other laboratory so that we can provide you with their respective address.


Why do you need my insurance card if you don’t accept it? 

P3 keeps a copy of your insurance on file in order to facilitate claims billing at outside labs and companies with whom we refer and partner. Your insurance will be billed in accordance with their own policies. 



What is the best way to communicate with P3?

• Texting: Please text the office line at 425-441-3330. We have a single location that receives all text messaging.

• Phone Calls: Please call the office for general inquiries at 425-441-3330. We check voicemail daily during the week. •

o Billing/ Membership questions:
o Scheduling/medications/supplement and refills:
o Specific follow-up questions regarding your plan that are not time sensitive:,, or


What is P3’s Contact Information?

Peak Performance and Prevention
317 4th Street
Northwest Puyallup, WA 98371
425-441-3330 office phone
253-466-3139 office fax


What are P3’s office hours?

• Monday and Friday: 7:00am-5:00pm
• Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday: 8:00am-5:00pm