Can I just say,

Today was my third appointment since switching over to P3. So many wonderful things have happened on a physiological level, but the impact this experience has had on an emotional, mental, and general wellbeing level, is profound. I no longer dread seeing my doctor. I am able to navigate this journey feeling safe and supported. I trust that I can share EVERYTHING with my doctor without being ignored, shamed, judged. It is a true partnership, and it is so amazing to know without a doubt, that my doctor wants nothing but the absolute best for ME. I look forward to the next leg of this journey. Thank you Michelle. You are truly One. Of. A. Kind #bettertogether

Lisa Jo M.

I’m beyond excited and hopeful...

Especially after today's appointment with Michelle! Thank you all so much for giving the tools and knowledge to get healthy. Looking forward to a long relationship with you!

Bianca S.

i love this place!

The most comprehensive blood work I have ever had. They are helping me regain my health. I am already feeling better. Can’t wait to continue getting better and better. Thank you P3 Peak Performance & Prevention.

Becky R.

Michelle and her staff are the best

They are the most responsive, caring, and attentive. Michelle is a great listener and is proactive and cares about each individual. I love being heard and having someone who understands my health and needs. Highly recommend P3 for anyone who is tired of the turn and burn of insurance companies, doctors being driven by big pharma, and the rush to diagnosis and medicate.

Jennifer G.

in less than one year... 

Michelle has helped me to get my hormones in check, solve my GUT mysteries and tackle my ongoing inflammation. The expertise and one-on-one care at P3 are top notch! Thank you 

Terrie P.

And feel like a human being. They are amazing people who care about your overall health, your goals, and know how to design a plan to get you there. The compassion and understanding each person exudes towards YOUR PERSONAL health is a breath of fresh air. I couldn’t ask for a better team to monitor my health. They have the knowledge and experience to look at you as an individual rather than a line in a medical journal. If you are looking for a team that cares about you, your health, and your future, this is the place to be. GO P3!!!

numbers don’t lie

From 217lbs to 177lbs in 6 months. Went from maximized pain meds for arthritis to zip in 2 months. Ave nightly snoring from 35 minutes to 10 minutes. 10% improvement in sleep quality. Was able to get off all prescription medications.

Jeff F.

my best health

I’m down 35 pounds and feel better then I have in years!! Feeling incredible!!!!! Thank you P3!

Shannon M

P3 is a place where you can get answers...

Danelle D.

how we can help you