About Us


Michelle Myers Murphy ARNP, Owner

I started P3 after a decade of work in multiple specialties. I have worked in orthopedics, trauma, family medicine, pain medicine, sports medicine, and preventive cardiology. Over the years of growing and learning with my patients, I have discovered that my passion is my role as my patient's teammate and advocate in this journey of balancing our health, families, work and social connections.

It is easy to slide into the comfort of our routines... which for many lead down a very difficult path to redirect. "Comfort" often is a temporary fix and leads to overeating, over drinking and under exercising. And temporary escapes result in depression, obesity, heart disease, diabetes, metabolic disorder and ultimately disconnection from happiness. Our medical system does not facilitate a space to listen and learn how I can help each of my client-patients in their journey to optimize their wellness.

Many practitioners find that the pace that is required to "keep the lights on" leads to burn out and frustration for both practitioner and the client because both parties are not getting their needs met. Many practitioners, like myself, who want to maintain the connection to their clients are going to a direct care model. This frees time to be available to clients who are invested in their health and allows us the time together to review labs, plans, goals and adjust plans/goals together without long wait times for clients or a sense of being rushed. It also makes room for two way communication with my clients via text, email, and our patient portal to review medical records, charts, labs and medical lists. I cap my membership client count at 200 so I can stay true to each client-patient's needs and expectations of myself in the relationship.

I believe that we should not strive for average, but excellence. I want my clients to put themselves first and to optimize their health so they can pursue excellence the rest of their lives. My job is to help you be your best version of you... whatever that goal may be. For some, the goal is to lose 100 lbs or 5 lbs, and for others it is to run their fastest marathon in their 5th decade or run their first 5k. My job is to help each client stay true to their commitment to themselves and their families to be their best today and tomorrow.